The New Education and Working
Foundation of Yeodogs Club



The New Education and Working Foundation of Yeodogs Club or Yeodogs for short was founded in 2004. We are a small club that practices waterwork with passion and love. We offer high-quality and safe training with fun for dogs and handlers. The more experienced members help the starters on their way. We do not work with trainers so everyone can go at their own pace to level up in this beautiful sport. All members help during the training with boating, guiding the dog in the water, imitating a drowning person, ... Group spirit is of great importance for Yeodogs. Everyone is equally important in our association. Respect and cooperation within a diverse group is what we strive for.

Yeodogs members regularly participate in domestic and foreign contest. On an international level, we also achieve great results with our teams, which is nice for the club. As a team of handler and dog, it is the reward for the great work and patience during the training sessions.

On our website you can find further information about waterworks, our club, our contest days, ...

Do you have a question or would you like to participate in a trial training? Please contact us.